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  4. 2 SPEED - DJAYGB-0001 Balboa® Dura Jet Spa Pump 2.0HP 8.5 Amp 230 Volts 4239208-S

2 SPEED - DJAYGB-0001 Balboa® Dura Jet Spa Pump 2.0HP 8.5 Amp 230 Volts 4239208-S

2 SPEED - DJAYGB-0001 Balboa® Dura Jet Spa Pump 2.0HP 8.5 Amp 230 Volts  4239208-S
DJAYGB-0001 Sta-Rite Dura Jet Spa Pump 2.0HP 8.5 Amp 230 Volts
Balboa Water Group® Balboa Water Group®
Price: $328.00
Description: 2 SPEED - 2.0 HP 230 volts - 8.5/3.0 Amps (2 Speed)
empty: (8.5 Amps) 230 Volt 2.0 HP 2 Speed. (OD inlet & outlet is 3 inches)
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2 SPEED - Balboa Dura Jet Pump 2.0 HP 230 volts - 8.5/3.0 Amps
Balboa Water Group
The Balboa Dura Jet Pump is a common replacement for the Balboa Ultima and Ultima Plus models due to the similar overall size of the wet end.  This can make it much easier to connect to the plumbing during installation.  Rated at 2.0HP, this pump is often used for both Circulation / Heating (Low Speed), as well as Therapy Jets (High Speed.)

**This pump is labeled as 2.0 Horsepower.  To properly match your existing, be sure to match amp rating and voltage.  If you have an Ultima 48 frame pump and your current amp rating (high speed) is between 7-9 amps / 230v, this is the correct match.**

**If your current pump has a barbed adapter connected to 3/8" vinyl tubing, and you need to replace the fitting, you can find it in Related Items.

  • Horsepower:  2.0 HP
  • Voltage:  230v
  • Amps:  8.5/3.0
  • Frame Size:  48
  • HZ Rating: 60HZ
  • Intake Size:  2" MBT (Measures 3" OD)
  • Discharge Size:  2" MBT (Measures 3" OD)
  • Flow Rate:  210 GPM
  • Dual Speed
  • Does NOT include Unions, Gaskets, or Pump Cord (see Related Items)

Owners Manuals / Instructions:

Product Features:

  • High flow rates exceeding 210 gallons per minute for maximum performance in your luxury applications
  • All seals are carbon ceramic for long-lasting performance, easily enduring prolonged heat and chemical exposure.
  • Wet End can be easily rotated to one of 3 positions.
  • Reliable performance and long service life for more enjoyable ownership
Can Replace The Following Pump Model:
Substitutions for this Pump:
Alternate Part Numbers: 
DJAYGB-0001, 15-200-2201, DJAYGB-0013, DJAYGB-0113, DJAYGB-3013, DJAYGB-3113, DJAYGB-9013, DJAYGB-9113, PUUPC2152582F, 1015103, MP-130, DJAYGB-9173D DJAYGB-3162, DJAAYGB-0001B, 1055013
DJAYGB-0103, DJAYGB-3121, DJAYGB-31518H, DJAYGB-0002, DJAYGB-3151MB, DJAYGB-0101A , DJAYGB-0003, DJAYGB-3161, DJAYGB-0004, DJAYGB-9151MB, DJAYGB-0112, DJAYGB-0007, DJAYGB-3192, DJAYFB-31A3N, DJAYGB-0161, DJAYGB-9051MB, DJAYGB-0031, DJAYGB-3021, DJAYGB-0061, DJAYGB-0173-D, DJAYGB-3051MB, DJAYGB-0101, DJAYGB-3061, DJAYGB-9173D, DJAYGB-0162, DJAYFB-9115 - HP 3.0-.33SPL, DJAYGB-0003,  DJAYGB-3162

*Pump and motor manufacturers reserve the right to change design and motor improvements, like minor changes in amp rating, included accessories and colors may differ from the information currently displayed for this product. If ordered, you will receive the latest version provided by the manufacturer, ensuring the same functionality.
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