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6600-014 Sundance® Circuit Board (1993 - 1995)

6600-014 Sundance® Circuit Board (1993 - 1995)


1995 800/850 w/o PermaClear 1.27C


Sundance® Spas

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1995, 1&2 pump systems without PermaClear (No circulation pump)
(Eprom Rev. 1.27C included)
Replaces 6600-030 board for 1993 800 System.This is an exact replacement for the 6600-030.
Technical Note: Boards 6600-013, 6600-014, and 6600-040 are identical but use different eproms.
Used in Models
  • 1993: Royale 800, Maxxus 800, Marin 800, Capri 800 and Cameo 800
  • 1995: Optima 850, Marin 850, Corum 850, Capri 850, Cameo 850,
Important Information
Please note that this circuit board or any other circuit board cannot be returned if it is installed. If you are unsure this is the circuit board you need, please email us the information off of your circuit board and if possible the model and year of your spa.We may ask for additional information, before confirming the circuit board needed, if we confirm the wrong board and it is installed then we will allow it to be returned due to our error. 
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