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Unicel Filter 6CH-940RA With Microban

Unicel Filter 6CH-940RA With Microban
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Part Number:6CH-940RA

45 Sq. Ft. Filter Element With Microban

Outside Diameter: 6" 
Length: 8-1/4"
Top: Semi-circular handle

Bottom: 1-1/2 SAE thread

  • Q. Why should I buy a filter with Microban antimicrobial protection?

Water and an ample food source can cause microbes to quickly multiply and grow on an unprotected surface. Microban antimicrobial technology provides an added level of cleanliness protection by working continuously between cleanings to fight the growth of bacteria that can adversely affect the performance of your pool or spa filter

  • Q. How does Microban technology protect pool and spa filters made with Reemay Filtration Fabrics?

Microban protection is infused into the media during the manufacturing process for 24/7 protection that lasts the useful lifetime of the filter. When microbes come in contact with the filter surface, Microban technology penetrates the cell wall of the microorganism and disrupts cell functions, disabling the microorganisms ability to function, grow and reproduce.

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