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Aquatemp 1.5" Uni-Nut Retainer

Aquatemp 1.5
Aquatemp 1.5' Uni-Nut Retainer
Aquatemp Aquatemp
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Description: 1.5" Aquatemp Uni-Nut Retaining Ring

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1-1/2" Uni-Nut Retainer For 1.90" Heater Housings

Aquatemp Products Heater Uni-Nut®
It is a patented design to end leaking split nuts on heaters. The Uni-Nut® is a one-piece nut that can be tightened by hand and changed in the field by removing a color-coded retainer. The black retainer is generally used on 1-5/8" tube while blue
retainers are used on 5.5kW heaters. Red retainers usually denote heaters of other wattages. Although there may sometimes be exceptions, the Uni-Nut® is generally not a replacement for split nuts due to different flange sizes

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