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Balboa Water Group Circuit Board VS501Z G1152

Balboa Water Group Circuit Board VS501Z G1152
Balboa Water Group Circuit Board VS501Z 54357-03
Balboa Water Group® Balboa Water Group®
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Balboa ® - Replacement Circuit Board VS501Z

Previous part number 54357-04 is now replaced with G1152

This OEM Circuit Board is Manufactured by Balboa Water Group and can be found in many Hot Tub Makes and Models

**This Circuit Board is often used to replace various Discontinued & Proprietary circuit boards, see notes below for limitations.**

**54357 is the base number for this board, Extra numbers such as -01 or -04 are revisions.  Revisions only add functions or improvements but never take away.  If ordered you will receive the manufacturers latest revision.

  • Model Number:                54357 (With Several Revisions)
  • Voltage:                           115v / 230v
  • Power Requirements:      115 or 230 VAC, 60Hz. GFCI Protected Service (3 Wire 115v, 4 Wire 230v)
  • Neutral Required:             Yes
  • Circuit Breaker Rating:     20A (115v) & 50A (230v)
  • System Series:                Balboa VS
  • Configuration:                 1-2 Pumps & Additional Circulation Pump (High Flow Only). Ozone, 12v Light
Important Notes:
  • The 54357circuit board can handle 2 pumps; however, Pump #2 MUST be 230v, and MUST NOT exceed 12 amps. 
  • Installing a Pump #2 that exceeds 12 amps can cause damage and possibly Fire.
  • If your Pump #2 is either (120v), or (230v and over 12 amps), DO NOT purchase this circuit board.
  • If you need help determining if this circuit board is right for you, Please Contact Tech Support.**
Owners Manuals / Installations:
Product Features:
  • Pump #1 Dual Speed
  • Pump #2 Single Speed Or Single Speed Blower (Must not exceed 12 amps.)
  • High Flow Single Speed Circulation Pump
  • Ozone (If Circulation Pump is Used, Ozone and Circulation Pump Must be the Same Voltage)
  • 12v Light
  • A/V Connection (120v or 230v)
Associated Chip Numbers:
  • VS501ZR1(x) or VS501ZR2(x) or VS501R1(x) or VS50XR1A, CS5100R1A, CS6200R1A, GVS501R1A, INF107R1A, MAS150, OC850R1A, SCS501R1A, SCS501R1B, SCS501R1C, TS500SR1A, TS500SR1B, TS500SR1C, VKV502R1A, VKV502R1B, VS240RR, VS240RR2A, VS240RR2B, VS240RR2C, VS501R1A, VS501R1B, VS501RR1B, VS501ZR1A, VS501ZR1B, VS501ZR1C, VS501ZR2A, VS501ZR2B, VS501ZR2C, VS501ZR2D, VZ501ZR2A, VZ501ZR2B, 100CR1A, 100CR1B, 100CR1C, 100DR1A, 100DR1B, 100DR1C, COB500R2A, CS6000R1A, FREE300R1A, GV5500R2B, GVS500R1A, GVS500R1B, GVS500R2A, GVS500R2B, KEYS1000R1A, KEYS100CR1B, KEYS100DR1A, KEYS100DR1B, LPI300AVR1A, MS360R1A, MS360R1B, MS360R1C, MVS500ZR2D, PVS500ZR1A, VKV300F4R1A, VKV500R1A, VS120RR2A, VS120RR2B, VS120RR2C, VS300AVR1A, VS300FL5R1A, VS300FL5R1B, VS300FL5R1C, VS300FLXR1A, VS500R1A, VS500R1B, VS500TM1R1A, VS500TM1R1B, VS500TM1R1C, VS500TM2R2A, VS500TM2R2B, VS500TM2R2C, VS500ZR2A, VS500ZR2B, VS500ZR2C, VS500ZR2D, VS612R1C, MVS500ZR2A, MVS500ZR2C, MVS500ZR2D
Compatible Keypads:
  • VL401, VL403, VL200
Alternate Part Numbers:
  • 106983, 33-54357-K, 53609, 53989-01, 53991, 53991-01, 53991-02, 53991-03, 54294, 54294-01, 54343-01, 54357, 54357-01, 54357-02, 54357-03, 54357-2, 54381, 55033-01, 55033-02, 55036, 55191, 55228, 55372, 55405, 59-138-1683, ELE09100222, ELE09100223, ELE09907280, HQ0021, MS520, 103-983, 106-983, 33-0032B, 33-54369-K, 54359, 54369-01, 54369-02, 54369-03, 54604-01, 54646-01, 55032, 55032-01, 55032-02, 55140, 55506, 55507, 55929, 59005, 59-138-1680 ELE09100400, ELE09100411, G1152, BBG1152, 59-138-3013
** It is very important that you do not order a circuit board based on looks, several boards look alike but have different software or chips. It is the chip that drives the board and gives it its unique functions. To correctly identify a circuit board the chip number should be used to identify it. It can be found on a white sticker near the center of the circuit board, or on a relay.  

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