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Cal Spa Circuit Board VS300 Systems 55959

Cal Spa Circuit Board VS300 Systems 55959
Cal Spa Circuit Board VS300 Systems 55959
Balboa Water Group® Balboa Water Group®
Price: $215.00
Feature: CS300FC5
Feature: Cal Spa

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Balboa Water Group Circuit Board Used In VS-300 Control Boxes
Chip Number CS300FC5R1(x) / VS300FC5
Balboa Board Number: 55958/55959
Cal Spa Number: ELE09100411
Will operate:
Pump1 (2 Speed)

When installing this board:
Make sure that you move all the white wires on the new board in the same location as the old board.
Do not add any wires to the board or move any other wires.
Make sure all Dip Switches are down EXCEPT for #2, #3 and #10, they need to be up.

It is very important that you do not order a circuit board based on looks, several boards look alike but have different software or chips. It is the chip that drives the board and gives it its unique functions. To correctly identify a circuit board the chip number should be used to identify it. It can be found on a white sticker near the center of the circuit board. Another number that is helpful in identifying a Balboa Water Group circuit board is the five digit number found on most boards (5****).

Click here to see a complete list of Balboa Water Group chip numbers.

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