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Hawkeye Circuit Board 51391

Hawkeye Circuit Board 51391
Hawkeye Circuit Board 51391
Balboa Water Group® Balboa Water Group®
Price: $0.00
Feature: H25R1(x)
Feature: Hawkeye

Part Number:



Discontinued (See Notes Below)

Hawkeye Circuit Board
Chip Number H25R1(x)
Board number 51391
  • Note: This circuit board is no longer available. Both the circuit board and topside control will need to be upgraded to digital using both parts numbers below

Click 51056 for replacement circuit board
Click 51705 for replacement topside control
It is very important that you do not order a circuit board based on looks, several boards look alike but have different software or chips. It is the chip that drives the board and gives it its unique functions. To correctly identify a circuit board the chip number should be used to identify it. It can be found on a white sticker near the center of the circuit board. Another number that is helpful in identifying a Balboa Water Group circuit board is the five digit number found on most boards (5****).

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