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Hydro Quip Water Pro VS511Z Control System With M7 Technology * 2 year warranty!

Hydro Quip Water Pro VS511Z Control System With M7 Technology  * 2 year warranty!
Hydro Quip Water Pro VS511Z Control System With M7 Technology * 2 year warranty!
HydroQuip/Balboa HydroQuip/Balboa
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The Water Pro VS511Z Control System Bundle With M7 Technology By Hydro Quip and Balboa Water Group

Two of the leading spa control manufacturers in the industry have teamed up to offer the state of the art in spa control design and performance. With Balboas M7 Technology and Hydro Quips building skills, they have both combined their best efforts and have designed the most advanced spa system in the industry. They are so confident in this superior design that they are offering the very best warranty available in the spa industry today. *2 years on parts & 1 year on labor.

What is M7 Technology? In simple terms, the spa control box does not have a pressure switch installed in the heater manifold or any sensors wires that run outside of the box, everything is internal in one compact unit.
Balboas Patented M7 Systems are the only controls in the industry that were designed without a pressure switch, the reason for the work around is that pressure switches are nuisance switches that can leak overtime creating problems to the sensitive circuitry in the control box. The design was to use two sensors that are balanced in resistance; one installed at each end of the heater manifold, that are constantly monitoring input/output values. If there is a significant resistance difference between the two the control system will display an error code detailing what the problem may be and the steps to troubleshoot. This control box is very easy to install and service. If you have any questions please e-mail us at [email protected].

Note: This control box has a brushed aluminum box enclosure. It has the same foot print and uses the same heater assembly as the Balboa VS Systems, it would be a direct drop in and a great alternative to the Balboa VS system. 

Listed below are the functions of each circuit and what is included in the box.
  • Pump1 - 2 Speed @ 120/220 Volts
  • Pump2 - 2 Speed @120/220 Volts
  • Circulation Pump -  @ 120/220 Volts (If using a circulation pump, Pump1 will be a 1 speed
  • Ozone - @ 120/220 Volts  (If using a circulation pump, they must be the same voltage).
  • Light - @ 12 Volts with light harness.
  • Heater - @ 120/220 Volts 1.4/4.0 kw
  • Topside control with retro bezel.
  • All power cords
  • Detailed owners manual and wiring diagram.
  • Brushed aluminum box with external heater "ON indicator light
  • 2 year parts warranty - 1 year labor warranty.

If a 24 hour circulation pump is being installed, it must have no less than a 23 GPM flow. Laing, Grundfos or Waterway Tiny Might pumps do not perform at this rate and cannot be used. The Aqua Flo Circ- Master is a good choice (linked below)

Click for recommend Circulation Pumps

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