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4.0 KW 220 Volt Low Flow Universal Heater Replacement Assembly 27-V310-5T-K

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4.0 KW 220 Volts Titanium Universal Heater
Vertical Low Flow Universal Heater Replacement Assembly compatible with Laing, Grundfos and Tiny Might circulation pumps. Specifically designed to replace several recently discontinued models (Shown Below).
Ships without a pressure switch (order from "Related Items). If you have an inline flow switch then the pressure switch will not be needed.
Heater is supplied with 1" barb ports but can be adapted to 3/4" with supplied plumbing.

  • Adjustable Sensor Cover Kit
  • Heater "ON" Indicator Light
  • Installation Instructions
  • Manual Reset Hi-Limit
  • Replaceable Titanium Heater Element
  • Reversible Foot Bracket
  • Adjustable Sensor Cover Kit
  • Three 1/8" MPT Pressure Switch Taps
  • 3/4" Barb x 1" Barb Adapter
  • 60" Amp Cord w/Terminals

Measures: 12-3/8" tall with 5-3/4" x 4-1/2" base.
Replaces These Model Heaters & Others
BlueRidge (E2550-0300ET) E2550-020X Vita (E2400-0127ET)
BlueRidge (E2400-0300ET) 26-08159 Vita (E2400-0127ET-X)
E2400-0014 E2550-0202ET Vita (E2450-00127ET)
E2400-0115ET E2400-0120C  
E2400-0221 E2550-0320ET  
E2550-0028C E2400-0420ET  
E2550-0028CP 26-00257  
E2400-0101 2-00-0068  
E2550-0101 2-00-0099  
E2400-003 26-00104  
E2550-0029C 26-00105  
26-00107 E2550-0025  
26-08120 E2550-0028  
26-00120 E2400-0025
2-00-0068 26-08147

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