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Viking Spa Circuit Board 54381

Viking Spa Circuit Board  54381
Viking Spa Circuit Board 54381
Balboa Water Group® Balboa Water Group®
Price: $319.00
Feature: VKV502R1(x)
Feature: Viking Spas

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Control Box with Heater can be ordered HERE

Viking Spas
Chip Number: VKV502R1(x)
Balboa Water Group Part Number: 54381
Control Box Number: 54380 / 5430-01 / 54380-02 / 54380-03
More Info: SN: 53787 Model #: VKV502
Part #: 53787 / 53788

NOTE: This board has been replaced with 54357-03 and is what you will receive. 
Please follow the instruction below when installing it.
When installing this board make sure that you move all the WHITE wires on the new board to the same location as the old board. Do not move any other wires including the black wires. All the dip switches need to be pushed down.

**Very Important**  
The 54357-03 board that replaces this Viking board can handle 2 pumps, however pump #2 MUST be 230v, and MUST NOT exceed 12 amps. 
Installing a pump on this circuit that exceeds 12 amps can cause damage and possibly Fire.

**If your Pump #2 is either (120v), or (230v and over 12 amps), DO NOT purchase this circuit board. **

                               Contact Technical Support to help you with a proper replacement.

Additionally If you have remote in-line fuse:
Remove jumper from W3 to J46 and connect the remote fuse wires to W3 & J61
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