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3" Standard Face Mini Storm Jet Internals (SNAP IN)

Waterways® revolutionary Storm Series Jets were introduced to the spa industry in early 2000 and have supplied a majority of the spa manufacturers worldwide with high performance jet therapy through 2012 without a significant design change. These jet internals insert into the jet body and rotate clockwise to pop in or rotate counterclockwise to pop out. The new 2013 style Storm Series Jets thread in, but will only work with thread style jet bodies. The new threaded style jet internals will not work with the 2000 -2012 jet bodies.
Shown below is the Mini Storm Jet Internal which comes in a variety of styles and colors. They are all interchangeable, you do not need to install the same exact jet internal that was originally installed. You can mix and match any massage style. The jet face outside dimensions of the internals below is 3". There is also a large face style measuring 3-5/16" outside diameter available as well. 
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