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Balboa Water Group VS510SZ Control System 54218

Balboa Water Group VS510SZ Control System 54218
Balboa Water Group VS510SZ Control System 54218
Balboa Water Group® Balboa Water Group®
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Balboa - Control System - VS510SZ with VL701S Keypad & 5.5kw Heater (No Equipment Cords)
Balboa VS510SZ Bundled Control System Is an Excellent Replacement for Balboa VS, Gecko S-Class & Gecko M-Class Systems.

**This Control Box and Heater are designed to have the same footprint as previous Balboa systems. Overall dimensions, heater length, and union threads are designed to prevent the need to alter or re-plumb the existing plumbing.**

**This is a brand new OEM Balboa Control System complete with Full 1 Year Warranty. We only sell brand new parts and supplies with manufacturer warranties, never refurbished, used, or reconditioned.**

  • Voltage:                                         115v / 230v Single Phase
  • Heater KW Rating:                        Titanium  5.5 kw (240V) - 1.5kw (120V)
  • Heater Dimensions:                      15" (Steel Flange to Steel Flange)  2" Outside Diameter 
  • Control Box Dimensions:              10.56" x 12.26" x 4.60"
  • Can Support Multiple Pumps
Bundled System Includes The Following:  
  • Spa Pack:                            VS510SZ
  • Keypad:                               53189 (VL701S) (7.4" x 3.3")
  • Keypad Adapter Plate:         8-9/16" x 3-1/2"
  • Heater:                                 5.5kw 
  • Light Cable & Reflector
  • Pump & Equipment Cords Now Sold Separately, (See Related Items)
Can Replace the Following Control System Models:  
(Bundled Systems are Available with different size Keypads, Contact Tech Support to Help You Choose the Correct Model)
* (Can do one or the other but not both)
  • Pump 1:                                   115v or 230v (1 or 2 Speed Pump)
  • Pump 2:                                   115v or 230v (1 Speed Pump)
  • *Pump 3 or Blower:                 115v or 230v (1 Speed)
  • Circ Pump Circuit:                   115v or 230v Circulation (Requires 23 GPM)
  • Ozone Circuit:                         115v or 230v Controlled By Filter Cycle
  • AV Circuit:                               115v or 230v For Stereo/Video
  • Light Circuit:                            12v
  • Keypad:                                   VL701S (53189) (7.4" x 3.3")  
  • Keypad Adapter Plate:             Included (8-9/16" x 3-1/2")
  • Titanium Heater:                      5.5kw (230v)  -or- 1.5kw (115v) (Fixed)
  • Temperature Sensor:               Heater Mount Auto Reset
  • Overheat Sensor:                    Heater Mount Auto Reset
  • This unit cannot support WiFi 
  • If a 24-hour circulation pump is being installed, it must have no less than a 23 GPM flow rate. Laing, Grundfos or Waterway Tiny Might pumps do not perform at this rate and cannot be used. The Aqua Flo Circ- Master is a good choice (linked below)
  • Click HERE For Aqua-Flo Circ-Master Pumps
Owners Manuals / Installations:
Product Features:
  • System supports keypad, heater, 12v light, as well as multiple pumps, air blower, etc.
  • M7 Sensor Technology, (No Pressure Switch)
  • Convertible to accept either 115v / 230v incoming electrical  (Requires a Neutral)
  • Each output can be configured 115v / 230v.
  • AMP style connectors for quick secure connections.
  • Standard 5.5kw flow through style heater (Requires minimum of 23 GPM)
  • Temperature & high limit probes are built into and mounted on the heater.
  • Self diagnostic functions
  • One Year Warranty
Alternate Part Numbers:
  • 3-70-0803, 54218-Z, G6406, BB54218

*Spa Control manufacturers reserve the right to change colors, styles and other cosmetic appearances without notice. Products shown may differ from current stocked product. Functionality remains the same.
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