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Covermate Freestyle Installation
  1. Lay spa cover on spa in fully closed position. Determine where the mid point of the spa is and slide the Lower Bracket assembly under the spa. (Do not attach to the spa at this time) See Figure 1.

  2. Attach the two Ball Studs to the Pivot Arm assembly and the two Ball Studs to the Upper Bracket assembly. (See Figure 2A and 2B)

  3. Using the 3/8" x 3" Bolts and 3/8" Lock Nuts attach the Pivot Arm assembly to the Upper Bracket assembly. (See Figure 3.)

    Note: Over tighten Bolts and then back off nut until Pivot Arm moves freely.

    Next lay the Pivot Arm assembly on top of the spa cover and match the Upper and Lower Bracket assemblies together and connect with the 4-3/8" x 3/4" Bolts and Lock Nuts. (See figure 4.)

  4. Insert the Inner Support Arms into the Pivot Arm assembly.

    Note: The long end of the Support Arm connects to the Pivot Arms.

    Next slide the Outer Handles on to the Inner Support Arms. (See Figure 5.)

    Note: There is a Right and Left Outer Handle - when placed on their appropriate sides the U-Shape retainer Clips face downward. Position the Outer Handle assembly so that the Retainer Clip slides under the cover's hinge - between the two cover halves. Do this on both the left and right side of the cover.

    Next position and align the Inner Support assembly and align the Inner Support assembly and the Pivot assembly so that the Inner Support Arms are running parallel to cover hinge, approximately 3/4" away from the hinge. (See Figure 6.)

  5. With the Tube assembly and positioning complete - insert the 5/8" Self Tapping Screws into the pre-drilled pilot holes.

    Note: A trick to getting the cover level - put one screw in the middle pilot hole of the Pivot Arms. Flip the cover open and lift in the open position - stand back and view which side needs to be raised or lowered to be level.

  6. Using a 1/16" drill bit, pre-drill spa cabinet and insert the #10 x 1" screws, attaching the Bracket assembly to the Spa.

  7. Using the Covermate, lift the folded cover off the spa. Snap the Gas Shocks on to the Ball Studs (black body on top) and snap the Black Beauty Caps on.

    You are done!