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6.1" FMXP2 3.0 HP 56 frame 4" Wet End 91041624

6.1" FMXP2 3.0 HP 56 frame 4" Wet End
Aqua Flo Aqua Flo
Price: $120.75
Feature: 3.0 HP FMXP2E Complete 2" 56 Frame Wetend (See notes before ordering this wet-end)
Feature: 16
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Note: This wet-end was rarely used in the industry. Please be sure it is what you need. It is non-returnable. 

Measurement between the threaded brass inserts in the legs is exactly 4 center to center. The most popular measured 4-1/8" center to center
Inlet & Outlet measures 3 inches OD
Non-returnable item except for warranty issues

There are two different 56 frame sizes in the FMXP2 series, please use the guide below to confirm the size you have.

Click here to find out what frame size your motor is.

Click here for more Aqua Flo FMXP2 56 Frame Parts and Wet-Ends.

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