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Gecko Aeware IN.XE Control Box 0602-221063-299

Gecko Aeware IN.XE Control Box 0602-221063-299
Gecko Aeware IN.XE Control Box 0602-221063-299
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Gecko In.XE - Control System With Heater (No Keypad or Cords)
Gecko 0202-205162

IN.XE is the perfect system for entry level spas with Aeware by Geckos' breakthrough features and signature design! 

This control system combines Aeware by Gecko's in.pac series with a heat.wav integrated heater in optimal price/performance configurations for typical entry level spas.

**This Control Box and Heater are designed to have the same footprint as many other systems. Overall dimensions, heater length, and union threads are designed to prevent the need to alter or re-plumb the existing plumbing.**

**The Newer Y-Class Systems Can Replace This Model and are Available With Different Size Keypads, Contact Tech Support to Help You Choose the Correct Model**


  • Voltage:    115v / 230v Single Phase
  • Heater KW Rating:    4.0kw
  • Heater Dimensions:   15" (Steel Flange to Steel Flange)  2" Outside Diameter 
  • Control Box Dimensions:   9.58" Width  x  11.75" Height  x  5.1" Depth
  • Can Support Up To 5 Relays
  • Wifi Ready, (Sold Separately, See Related Items)
      Can Replace the Following Control System Models:  

      • 0602-221015  IN.XE5-11-H4.0-1-2-B-O-D-32K-GE1  (Used on Dynasty Spas, LA Spas, Pinnacle & Bahama Spas)
      • Gecko S-Class (Does Not Apply To Spas With Low Flow Circulation)
      • Gecko M-Class (Does Not Apply To Spas With Low Flow Configurations)
      • Balboa VS Systems
      • Balboa BP Systems
      • 0602-221063-302 (LA Spas) (IN.XE-5-11-H4.0-1-2-K-D-60K-V2-AX1)
      • 0602-221065-305 - (Thermo Spa) (IN.XE-5-14-H4.0-1-2-K-D-60K-V2-TH1)
      • This Control Box Supports Up To 2 pumps, blower, circ pump, ozone, & stereo outlet
      • 2" electrical heater includes temperature sensors, and water flow sensor
      Owners Manuals / Installations:
      Product Capabilities:
      *Will operate one or the other mentioned but not both.
      • Pump 1 Circuit              120V or 240V 2-Speed
      • Pump 2 Circuit              120V or 240V 1 Speed
      • Blower or Circ. Pump*  120V or 240V 1-Speed
      • Ozone Circuit                 120V or 240V Controlled By Filter Cycle
      • Heater                            120V or 240V 4.0KW (240V) or 1.0KW (120V)
      • Light Circuit                    12V
      • Keypad is not included. (See Options Below)
      • Two Year Warranty

      Compatible Keypads:
        Alternate Part Numbers:
        • 0602221063299, GK0602221063299, 10-720-1000, 0602-221001, 0602-221003, 0602-221004, 0602-221005, 0602-221013, 0602-221014, 0602-221015, 0602-221019, 0602-221022, 0602-221027, 0602-221028, 0602-221029, 0602-221031, 0602-221037,, 0602-221042, 0602-221043, 0602-221050, 0602-221052, 0602-221056, 0602-221058, 0602-221060, 0602-221063-291, 0602-221063-294, 0602-221063-299, 0602-221063-302, 0602-221063-306, 0602-221063-307, 0602-221064-292, 0602-221064-295, 0602-221064-303, 0602-221064-308, BDLXE01, BDLXE05, BDLXE120V, BDLXE8KW, BDLXE09, BDLXEK2001OP, BDLXE08, BDLXE07, BDLXEK200120V, BDLXE06, BDLXEK450, BDLXE04, BDLXE03, BDLXE02, BDLXEK200

        *Spa Control manufacturers reserve the right to change colors, styles and other cosmetic appearances without notice. Products shown may differ from current stocked product. Functionality remains the same.

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