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LX WE10 Circulation Pump 240 Volts

LX WE10 Circulation Pump 240 Volts
WE10 Circulation Pump
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WE10_240 Volts


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WE10 240 Volts (Includes 4 Pin Amp Cord)
The posted WE10 circulation pump is a suitable replacement for the E10 (73979) with the same form and fit. Please note that it is a little longer; confirm that it will fit before ordering. 
Note- This pump will not rotate in the bracket - it can only be used with the outlet pointing at 12:00 as shown in the picture.

3/4" x 3/4" Barb Fittings - (0.8 Amps 240 volts)
Pump Dimensions: 9.57"L x 5.75"W x 6"H
18 GPM

Installation Note - After filling the spa with water and BEFORE turning on the spa, loosen both hoses on the WE10 pump until water dribbles out. This will allow any trapped air to escape and prevent a "dry startup." We will not warranty this pump if it runs dry - if this happens, it will melt the area around the shaft seal, causing a leak.. See the picture in the provided images showing an example of this damage. 

Can Replace:

SM909NHW-14 3/4' Barb 230V
SM909NHW-18 3/4' Barb 230V
SM909NHW-26 3/4' Barb 230V

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