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Sun-tan oils, cosmetics, body oils, body wastes and decaying vegetation are just some of the organics that contaminate water in pools and spas. These combine with airborne soot and fumes, and with the sanitizer used to keep the pool bacteria-free to create:

  • Water line build-up or "ring around the tub" on vinyl pools
  • Chloramine and other chemical smells
  • Short cycling of filters and reduced filter life due to plugging
  • Cloudy water due to organic saturation


Now instead of harsh chemicals and lots of elbow grease, there's a better way to keep pools and spas squeaky clean while reducing maintenance at the same time.

Natural Chemistry's Spa Scum Gon is a natural enzyme-based formula coupled with natural botanical extracts that gently, but powerfully bio-degrade organics in your spa.

Everywhere in nature, natural enzymes are busy breaking down complex organics to their original chemical building blocks.

  • That's how your body's digestion works
  • That's how oil spills are cleaned
  • That's how composting works
  • That's how the natural enzymes in Spa Perfect work 

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