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Nature 2 - Alternative Sanitizer

What is Nature2?
Nature2 is a water purification technology for swimming pools and spas that gives the purest, clearest water imaginable.

How does Nature2 work?
Nature2 products use the same minerals found in nature to trap bacteria and algae. Because Nature2 traps bacteria and algae, less harsh chemicals are needed to keep your spa water balanced.

By using Nature2, you reduce the level of harsh chemicals between 50% and 80% versus the harsh chemical levels you would need without Nature2.


Nature2 Instructions

What Nature2 does.
Nature2 is the only purifier that guarantees all this.
Guaranteed—Less chlorine, less chemical use, fewer chemical hassles.
Guaranteed—No red, burning eyes, irritated skin or discolored hair.
Guaranteed—Less time necessary for spa maintenance.
Guaranteed—Nature2 will never create spa stains.
Guaranteed—Easy to use.
Guaranteed—Annual cost equal to or less than your current treatment.
Guaranteed—A more refreshing, highly enjoyable hot tub experience.

Spa Recipe Using Nature2

Nature2 Instructions

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