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Some of you may have never suffered the consequences due to improperly maintained pH - you are among the lucky few!

Most of our service calls are related in some way to improperly maintained pH. Some examples of signs of poor pH are corroded heating elements, pump seals, and pressure switches. The average repair bill for pH-related service calls is about $150.00. So why not make it easier on yourself, and let "pH Balance" take care of the hassle of maintaining this unseen enemy that you swear has a personality problem! It seems to rise and fall with the weather. If you would like to know more about this finicky measurement, then check out Understanding Water Chemistry.

So what is this stuff? It’s a chemical that does exactly what it says. It will maintain the pH perfectly between the desired range of 7.2 to 7.8. It lasts even when additional water is added, and continues working up to 3 months, depending on spa usage.

Now, should we believe everything we hear? Probably not, so go ahead and check the pH after you have poured the product in, you’ll see 7.2 to 7.8 locked!

pH Balance is sold by the quart and treats 300 to 500 gallons of water. It recommends that if the water clouds when using this product, a water clarifier should be used, such as Leisure Time's Bright and Clear for spas. Both of these items can be found in the chemical section.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is not recommended for water high in calcium - over 200 PPM. We offer another product, "pH Balance Plus", that has been formulated for water that is high in calcium and works the same as Perfect pH. If you are not sure where your calcium hardness stands, you can purchase a test kit or test strips to find its measurement. *Do not use these products in plaster spas.*

In most cases, the total alkalinity is also locked into it's proper range (80 to 100 PPM) by using these products, but it should be checked periodically.

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