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Replace Your Equipment, Not Your Spa

Pinnacle Spa Equipment

Does it seem that you are just about at the point where you should consider offering your spa repair person the spare bedroom? After all, he or she has almost become a permanent fixture.

Why? Because your spa equipment is trying put itself in the grave. And it may be time to do just that. Unless you are just looking for a reason to trade your spa in, why not consider replacing just the equipment? After all a spa is made up of basically four things; the shell, plumbing, wood skirt, and the equipment.

If the shell is holding water and the wooden skirt is in good shape, then you are a candidate. Available today are many different combinations to meet your specific space and or need. In most cases just the control box is all that needs replacing, although complete spa packs are available for the ones that have completely bit the dust.

Control Boxes And Spa Packs

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