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Spa Metal Gon 1 Pt.

Spa Metal Gon 1 Pt.
Spa Metal Gon 1 Pt.
Leisure Time Leisure Time
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Sequesters iron, copper and other minerals
Leisure Time Metal Gon works at spa startup to isolate iron, copper and other minerals and prevent surface staining. Spa Metal Gon prevents staining of spa surfaces by sequestering iron, copper and other minerals. When water is aerated and iron is present in the water, oxidation of the iron occurs and permits iron to come out of solution and deposit on the spa finish. Metal Gon prevents iron from oxidizing.

  • Prevents iron and other metal buildup from staining spa finish. One time application - good until next refill.
  • For best results, pair with Leisure Time® Defender to prevent stain and scale
Directions for use:
  1. Turn off ALL equipment.
  2. Pour entire bottle contents evenly around spa edge.
  3. Run filter for at least 30 minutes.
Compatible With: Chlorine, bromine and biguanide sanitizers.

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