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Ideal™ Spa Covers at ideal prices!

Introducing the Super-NovaSpa Cover

An exclusive from Ideal Spa Covers

With it's exceptional added strength; plank molded closed-cell expanded polystyrene 2.5 LB density foam cores and an R-Value of 22, the Super-Nova (SuperFoam™) spa cover will give you the security you need when it comes to safety and energy efficiency.

Upgrade to Super Foam for only $100.00!

SuperFoam™ is a specially formed expanded polystyrene plastic. It was originally developed to provide protection against extreme cold and permafrost conditions for the Alaskan Pipeline. It has been used in Alaska below ground as a permafrost barrier in airport runways and under oil drilling platforms, providing strength and unmatched insulation.

Each Half of the SuperFoam™ cover is made from an individually manufactured, plank molded panel exclusive to Ideal Spa Covers, Inc. The process to manufacture the individual sheets of SuperFoam™ forces separate beads of polystyrene to compact into the confined space of a mold that tapers from 4" to 2" over a 4' x 8' span. This very controlled process produces a consistent product with greater adhesion between the individual beads than other types of polystyrene foam. The greater fusion between the individual beads creates a much stronger insulation core with a greater resistance to heat flow then any conventional polystyrene foam. SuperFoam™ is available only in spa covers manufactured by Ideal Spa Covers, Inc.

There is no insulating core material available that equals SuperFoam™. No other lightweight material offers the combined strength, high R-value and resistance to moisture absorption provided by SuperFoam™. SuperFoam's™ exceptional resistance to heat flow delivers 20% better R-value than conventional 1.5lb density polystyrene insulation. It is the single most important value ever to be offered in a spa cover.


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