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Just wanted to thank you again for the free advice.

I've bookmarked your website on my computer and deleted all the other spa sites I had. You guys are Number One in my book!

Nampa ID

You guys rock! The parts you sent me saved $100+, I didn't have to buy a whole new replacement circulator pump for my spa heater! The parts fit perfectly, installation was a snap. I'll be in soaking tonight! I'm one very happy camper. Thanks again!

Half Moon Bay CA

I want to thank you for your helpful and efficient service. We recently needed several spa parts. Your staff was excellent in helping us get the parts we needed. We plan to do all future business with your company.

Thanks again

Albuquerque NM

I would like to thank you for your help in finding my parts, and it is a great pleasure to know if I ever have any other problems I know who to call.

Again thank you

Bangor ME

You hit it right on the money. I tightened the jets and all seems good. Thanks for the excellent advice. I really appreciate the help from someone who really seems to know his trade well. Thanks again.

Bayville NJ

I want to thank you profusely for the help you have given me. There has been nothing but a positive experience in business with you.
Good Luck in everything you do,

Greeley CO

This has to be THE BEST site around for help, parts, and info. on spas.....Thanks a million......

Jonestown TX

Thank you for your recent coaching, in repairing my hot tub - Your advice on the motor, the seals, and your patient guidance has resulted in 'this old hot tub' being fully functional and the best shape it’s been in years.

Thank you, thank you.

Alexandria KY

I was having a hard time finding a replacement thermostat for my hot tub.
I decided to search the internet and found your site. It is very user friendly. I was able to find the part easily, I ordered it online, and it was delivered in less than a week.
Your site is one of the easiest and most helpful of any type site to use.

Thank you.

Phoenix AZ

Just a word of thanks for the support, and replacement parts your group supplied last week. The parts were a dead match, and along with the verbal coaching, and support you provided I was able to do my repairs in relatively little time. The repairs were also completed correct the first time. Thanks again for the help!

Macomb MI

I just want to say what a great web site and company this is to deal with.

The parts catalog is excellent and easy to find parts in.


Billings MT

What a Web site!!! Thank you! Thank you!!

I had a leak with my spa, between the motor and pump. Not knowing how serious it was or not, I called my local Sundance retailer. I was instantly told it would cost between $500.00 to $700.00!! Without even asking my model number first. Of course I was surprised, hoping it would just need a new gasket or something. At the same time being told, yea, you usually need to replace the motor too because it's almost impossible to get the pump apart from the motor. Since I have never worked on one before, I didn't really believe it, but maybe they were right. I found your web site with Google search engine and found quite the opposite! Not only do you have the parts, easy to see diagrams, and easy ordering menus, but you have DIRECTIONS on how it should be fixed!!!! I ordered the part for $24.00 and got it the next day!!! I have never been so happy with a web site and I wanted you to know. Of course I'm recommending you to everyone I know who has a hot tub, and I'm sending a letter about my simple problem Keep up the good work!! Thanks again!!!

Jeremy W,

Stowe VT

Guys I must say that I'm impressed!!!!!
I have spent most of the summer trying to figure out why my Spa would not work. I have also talked to all the local experts who wanted a fee to come and troubleshoot or it was not what they sold.( I have a Leisure Bay). I was at the point of saying it was time to send it to spa heaven and, then while surfing the web on an entirely different issue I stumble upon you guys. In the space of a few seconds I knew my problem.

I have printed your troubleshooting guide and placed it in my major appliance repair book. I've also bookmarked your site.

Thanks again,

Columbus GA

I just opened the lid on my tub to a fat waft of steam! My spanking new control panel reads 88º and counting - and it was -10º outside last night!

I can't thank you enough for all of your help and great advice. Your filter solution and suggestions for new controls ultimately saved me a LOT of money. And they work great. In fact, the guy that gave me the spa when it was broken saw it for the first time today. He's so jealous he said he wants it back!

Thanks again buddy!

Monticello MN

Thanks for the advice. I had the connections backward but have switched them and everything now works fine. I've never dealt with a company that has better service than yours. Thanks again.

Addison PA

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you once again. You really know how to treat a customer and you went above and beyond on this on!

Grand Rapids MI

Hot tub is now working fine. I got to put my butt in it last night for first time in a month. Thanks for all the help. I will tell everyone I can about your site. Your kind assistance and timely responses with very valid information is much appreciated.

Topeka KS

Just wanted whoever is in charge there to know I have been dealing with one of your customer reps named David. He has been very informative and helpful. I have been e-mailing him back and forth the past few days with a problem and he has answered me with each time with a straightforward and informative answer. Just wanted you to know what a credit he is to your company!!!!!

Oregon OH

I have just located your website and am very impressed. I have been very frustrated until now finding parts and advice, and the prices in the local stores and suppliers, when I can find the parts, is much higher. Your trouble shooting section is excellent, and your parts ordering system with advice and illustrations of parts, is fantastic. You are at the top of the spa parts world!

Arvada CO

AT LAST, A web site with real Hot Tub help! A site that goes well beyond referring me to the local dealer. Great prices and great on-line help. I found the info I needed on your page without even requesting technical advice.

Little Rock AR

Gosh, you are amazing - the instant service you have that brought our hot tub motor in just 2 days was wonderful. It is up and running again. Thanks

Sioux Falls SD

Thank You for your advice it was much appreciated, I would also like to thank you for being the only place to actually get back to me with a response . I went thru a dozen or more web pages, only finding a small few of those that were "people friendly" and then I found yours . By far the easiest to navigate thru ,no headaches and I found just what I needed and more with ease .
Well I thought you might like to know that keep up the good work.

Many thanks

Memphis TN

I just wanted to drop a quick note in ref. to one of your salesman. I had the pleasure of doing business with a gentleman named “David”. He was one of the most courteous salesman I have ever dealt with in any purchase. Because of his patience, knowledge and genuine interest in the customer, I was able to find a Aqua Flo pump with motor to replace my leaking Hayward system. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to all my friends and associates for all their spa and hot tub needs. Thank you again.


Louisville KY

I received my part today --

Thank you for your quick attention and response, I will remain a customer and will continue to tell others about your web site and service. I was given a hot tub by a friend of mine who said it had a leak and he couldn't fix it "just get it out of here"!!. By finding your web site I was able to find the parts I needed and now I am a hot tub user. Thank you again for your service.

Sincerely Dan Fairfax VA

Thanks to you and your companies assistance, we found the problem. The spa is working fine in all settings less the light. We had the battery go south in out tester so we can't tell if the transformer is putting out the 12 volts required or if the light is just burned out, so one more chore to complete.

Again, we are very grateful to you and your company for all the help and expertise you have provided. I should have started with you in the first place, would have saved money and had the unit working months ago.


David Bishop
Very Satisfied Customer

I received my part yesterday and it is the correct one, thank you very much!
I had gone to the local store that sells tubs just like mine, but they did not have parts and the person I talked to had no ideas about how to get them.
Even though I was only interested in a $10 part, you took the time to make sure I got the correct one, and sent it to me right away.
I really appreciate your excellent service.
You may use this email as you choose (just don't print my address).

Rob Rice
Franklin, Ohio

I just wanted to drop a quick note in ref. to one of your salesman. I had the pleasure of doing business with a gentleman named “David”. He was one of the most courteous salesman I have ever dealt with in any purchase. Because of his patience, knowledge and genuine interest in the customer, I was able to find a Aqua Flo pump with motor to replace my leaking Hayward system. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to all my friends and associates for all their spa and hot tub needs. Thank you again.

Hampton Cover AL

Thanks again for all your help.
Your Company is very knowledge and helpful to those you need just that little question answer and can't seem to find it anywhere else. I plan on using your company again and again, and will highly recommend you to anyone else I know of that has any spa issues.
Please feel free to use this in your testimonials.


Miami FL

Just wanted to pass along my thanks to you folks. The motherboard you repaired has been working fine, under very harsh conditions. It may die tomorrow, but as far as I'm concerned I got my money's worth.

Harriman TN

I had asked if you could overnight the part to us and you were kind enough to give me other options like go to a fish store to buy the part. Reluctantly, after speaking with a few spa people here in Houston that were clueless and driving for two hours, I took your advice and unbelievably I found what I needed at our local pet store.

As always your store and your expertise have paid off for us. Since we purchased the spa last May your website has had everything we have needed and you have always been very knowledgeable and professional. Whenever we needed a part the Morgan dealers would tell us that we would not find an old part anywhere. Rest assured, you always came through.

I just wanted to thank you so much for your help! Your website is a definite bookmark for us and we have referred it to our friends.

Austin TX

Just wanted to let you know that my spa jet arrived safely to NH. As a first time customer, I was very pleased with my purchase and impressed with the vast inventory that Spa Care offers. Your inventory is one of the main reasons that I purchased from you. I will certainly be ordering from you in the future and thanks for making my first time buying experience a pleasure.

Bedford NH

I just wanted to say that I believe that you are an incredible asset to your company. I told my wife that the one I thing I liked the most about dealing with you is that you talk directly to me, not over my head and you put everything in layman's terms. I completely understood everything you said by email and phone

I will refer people as much as I can to you guy's. You are not doubt a top notch company.

Thanks again!!

Holton KS

I went back out and sure enough the white wire was hooked to the terminal strip and not the breaker. You had to look very close to see that the pigtail was actually below the terminal that the white from the tub was to be hooked to. It was an easy mistake because it looked that if you hooked on that terminal that it was the same as hooking to the terminal block. Upon looking real close the lug was not being used so we put the white from the tub on it and we are working. This is a Cutler Hammer breaker and it is right above the coiled wire. On the square D it appears to be totally away from the other white. We would have never found this without your help. There is no doubt who we will buy from if the need arises. Thank you again for your assistance!

Chester Springs PA

I'd like you to know there are only a few folks I deal with on the phone and/or email who measure up to you especially and Spa Care in general. The level of service and overall competence are outstanding. I'm retired and have some rudimentary skills with "stuff" and your help has made this job a true pleasure. Thanks again, and IF you do ever want a letter of appreciation, keep my email address pasted on a wall somewhere.

Sidney OH

I can't thank you enough for the outstanding customer service you provided. You had me troubleshoot my spa problems in about 10 minutes and with your guidance I was able to successfully replace my heating element and circuit board!! I'm sure not a big deal for you but we haven't had our hot tub for months and you saved us about $300.00 as quoted from our repair person!!!! That's a big deal to me.

I hope there is someone you can forward this email to so that your outstanding service is recognized. You've given me the confidence to repair my hot tub on my own from now on and gained me as a happy customer

Jon B
Monmouth OR

SUPER SERVICE -- received the diffusers today -- want anyone to talk about your excellent service to Canada -- pick me --


I contacted you in late October and told you that my hot tub pump was cutting on and off every 3 - 4 minutes, but the heater was not running during that time. However, the heater was working and the hot tub was heating. I contacted several people about this matter and no one had a definitive suggestion about what to do. I had a service tech check out the tub on site and he didn't know what to do. Recommendations ranged from changing the circuit board, to changing the control switch, to replacing the wiring , changing the filter and changing the sensor assembly. You suggested replacing the Sensor Assembly. I did. It worked. You were right. Thanks.

Dale (Fayetteville AR)

I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU!!! Not only did you fix our hot tub, but you saved me from having to spending 600-900.00 to that repairman that took advantage of me and charged me 235.00 for a heating element that you told me cost only 15.00. I will always order from you from now on. You were honest with me and helped us to figure out how to replace the old one with the new. I would love to let your boss know how much you have helped me. Please send me their contact info, so I can send this to them.


Bluff City TN

I want you to know how grateful I am for your patience and perseverance. I hope that you are much appreciated in your life and job. The tub is at 101* which is perfect for me

Halfway OR

Hello Spa Care,

I just wanted to thank you - especially David Pratt, for all of your help rebuilding my hot tub. I ordered a circuit board, pressure switch and heater for a very old hot tub that someone gave me. There were no markings on any of the original parts, but David was able to determine what I needed. Your prices were what drove my initial purchase decision as most of your competitors online wanted much more for the parts. Being completely ignorant as to how these things work, I installed them and asked many questions along the way which resulted in almost immediate responses that helped me immensely. After all of the parts were installed, the tub was still not heating and David took the time to accurately diagnose the issue which was accurate and easy to fix. I saved hundreds of dollars not ordering from a retailer in my area and even more not having to pay a repairman.

Thank you,

North Ridgeville OH

Thank you so much, the customer service I have received from your company has been better than outstanding! I will recommend you guys to all my friends and co-workers. I spoke with you the other day about the spa controller I had purchased from you I was shocked you were actually willing to help me over the phone, I had always thought that type of customer service was non-existent any more. I did end up getting the heater to work by adjusting the pressure switch and everything is working great!!
I am looking forward to working with you on future items for my spa.

Thanks Again David and have a Happy Holidays,


Vicksburg MI

I just wanted to say thank you so much for fixing my circuit board. I’m very impressed and thankful, it’s all installed and working properly most important getting hot. I wanted to leave a review but couldn’t find a place to. Thank you again. Other spa places said that you "cannot fix a burnt circuit board" Obviously you can and proved them wrong. I did a lot of research and there is no other place that I have found that does what you do!. Can’t thank you enough

Happy customer


Other than the mysterious ozone connector issue that apparently was never connected in the first place, all of your work with the circuit board, heater element and relays is working GREAT! I am very happy with your work and the value of the service. You certainly saved me $1000s of dollars from what the original hot tub technician quoted me. Thanks again! I will definitely be doing business with you again in the future!

Best Regards!

Brad S.
Warwick NY

Just a quick note to let you know that my spa is up and running again. Thanks for your assistance in making this a very smooth process. Communication with your organization was very easy with timely responses - I have no complaints. If I need anything else in the future, I will be looking to your organization first.

Thanks, Tim

All parts received and installation and programming finished, tub working. Thank you very much for your help. I’ll recommend your company any time.

Alan C
Albany NY

YIPPEE!!!!!! IT WORKS!!! opened the unions and heard the air seep out. turned back on and started immediately. temp is slowly rising and up to 70.

Again, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your help. I can't hardly believe the tech wanted me to take out the circuit board and send back.....oh well.

Fresno CA

To David Pratt, our heartfelt thanks for all your help. This is good customer service which too few companies know today.

I thought I would email some of the Kudo's I got over the years regarding
Spa Covers. Not sure what is too much to add, but here ya go

Just received the new cover. It's perfect, and we love it! Thanks for

Redwood City CA

 Got our new hot tub cover the other day and it looks and fits great. I also love the addition of the handles on the inside of the hinge. Been wishing somebody did that years ago. Keep up the great work.

Thank you very much

Cincinnati OH

Thank You. The cover arrived yesterday. The delivery company was more than accommodating. We love the cover and the color is perfect. Thanks for

Brick NJ

I received my new hot tub cover today, and after having many negative customer service experiences lately, I was extraordinarily pleased with my experience with Spa Care. I received the cover extremely promptly, it fit perfectly, and the quality far exceeded the last one which I bought locally.

Thank you for a nice surprise for a change!

Painted Post NY

Just a quick note to thank you for the great service and a great product.
(spa cover and cover lift).

Thanks again,

Canterbury CT

Hello -- I just wanted to tell you that I am an extremely happy customer. I have had my beloved Coleman hot tub for over 12 years and have had to replace the cover a few times. (It is an outdoor tub in Michigan!) Most recently it incurred damage during a house construction event and, unhappy with the quality of cover I last received from my local tub dealership, I decided to search the internet. I am very happy with your competitive pricing, but especially with your turnaround time for a custom cover.

Foremost however I am delighted with the quality of your product. Top notch
styling and workmanship! Thanks again, I will certainly recommend you and
remember you for future requirements.


Rockton IL

 The Cover is very well made. Thanks for your prompt service and shipping.
I am very impressed.

Houston TX

This is to let you know we received our cover we ordered from you and it fit perfect. Thanks for all you time you spent with me on this order.

Thanks again

Kissimmee FL

The cover arrived in great shape and fits fine. Thank you, it has been good doing business with you.

Badger MN

I received my spa cover that I ordered as a replacement. I wanted to tell you how impressed I was over the Quality and the appearance of the cover. I think it is much better than the one that came on my spa to start with.

Thanks for the good workmanship and as you can tell I am very pleased.
Thanks again

Grindstone PA






Holmdel NJ

The replacement cover arrived today. Beautiful. Perfect shape. Looks great on the tub. Perfect fit, nice color, and much lighter than the one it is replacing! Thanks for your quick response.

Edmonds WA

I have been attempting to order a cover for 2 years and never got my needs satisfied to where I was comfortable placing a "special order". I have shared your location with 2 others that are in the market to replace covers that have had their spa manufacturer go out of business also. I had no concerns making this purchase, and I am a hard sale!

Evergreen CO

I just wanted to take the time to say Thank you.
I received my cover yesterday, and you guys' did a great job.

Layfayette LA

I just want you to know that we love our new spa cover. An unexpected plus for us was when we noticed that it is shaped like a little roof so that the rain runs off. The corners all fit real good. The skirts are perfect. It is very light, but I can tell it does a great job of insulating as our tub stays warm longer after a filter cycle.

New Berlin WI


I just wanted you to know that my new spa cover arrived safely and that I am quite impressed with it. I suspected just from seeing your website that your product was superior, and now I KNOW it is!! I found you (and everybody else) on the internet with a Google search, and your site truly stood out from the rest. When I called to ask a few questions, the gentleman who took the call was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I know your cover isn't the cheapest, but the extra money is well-spent in my opinion. Thank you

Nantucket MA

This company was very professional and courteous and responded to my e-mail
within minutes. My new cover arrived at my destination in only 12 days.

Fond Du Lac WI

Just wanted to let you know my spa cover arrived today. It was delivered by a courteous driver, in perfect condition. It fits just fine, and is exactly what I ordered.
Thanks for a great product, and good service

Eugene OR

I was very impressed with the service - I had given wrong measurements and I was emailed by the company within hours of my order asking for a correction.
Very prompt!

Inverness FL

They initially lost my order, but once they found it, all went well. Their customer service people were very responsive throughout. The product is fine.

Tulsa OK

Just wanted to let you know that the spa cover I ordered on June 5 arrived today and everything is great. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
You answered my e-mail questions promptly and the whole ordering process went smoothly. I will definitely recommend your company to others. Thanks for a job well done.

Darlington MD

I received my cover lift and it is great. It is a very nice kit, all powder coated aluminum with caps to cover all bolt and screw heads also simple to install. It was worth waiting for Thanks much.

Roosevelt UT


I received the cover last Wednesday. It arrived in good shape, and I am very pleased with it. It fit perfectly. Just in time for a nasty Ohio winter. Thank you very much. I would highly recommend your company, and will be back again when the situation arises.

Norwalk OH

I'm very pleased with the new spa cover I purchased from you. It fits good, looks good, and insulates our tub way better than the original. I also like the taper, it doesn't allow the water to puddle up. Also I thank you for your prompt service. James Lorrain

Batavia OH

The new spa cover fit perfectly, thanks!!
It looked so good, that the rest of the spa looked OLD! So, Dad and I disassembled the outer shell and stained the wood. Now, it ALL looks fabulous.

I had never ordered anything this large online, and was a little concerned.
The process was easy, the cost VERY competitive, and the results.....Perfect! Thanks.

I have to tell you that it was your website that convinced me to order from
you. It was very informative, which really eased my anxiety about ordering a "custom" cover online. As a first-time Spa owner, I was a little surprised that so many (if not all) covers were custom made- - but now I understand why.
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