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  5. MAS-MSPA-2-P12-P22-O-L-D1 (Dimension One Spas)

MAS-MSPA-2-P12-P22-O-L-D1 (Dimension One Spas)

MAS-MSPA-2-P12-P22-O-L-D1 (Dimension One Spas)
MAS-MSPA-2-P12-P22-O-L-D1 (Dimension One Spas)
Gecko Gecko
Price: $510.00
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Part Number:

0202-205212-1-TS (Dim)


Discontinued - See Notes Below
An Alternate Control Box is the New IN.YE-5 By Gecko. It is the next generation of controls and cost less. - BDLYE5K200

Installation instructions are on the back cover, please be sure to look at the jumper settings and wiring instructions for each component. Specifically, the white wire to each one of these components. It is this wire that designates weather it will operate at 120 volts or 220 volts.
This S-Class spa control system provides all the accessories needed for an installation requiring a single pump, an ozonator, and light:
  • TSC-9/K-9 Control Panel, Small Oval, 4-Button, LED, Single Pump, 10ft cord
  • TSC-9/K-9 control panel dimensions 2-1/2 x 4
  • Control Panel Adapter Plate, Small
  • 2x 15 Flow Thru heater, 1.0/4.0kW 120/240v
  • Temperature Sensor thermowell, 3/8
  • Operation and installation manual
  • Two-Year manufacturers limited return and repair warranty

  Other features of this S-Class spa control include:

    • Automatic time-out on all outputs
    • Sensor failure detection
    • Ozone management
    • Programmable filter cycles
    • High-limit protection
    • Pressure switch failure detection
    • Current limiting option
    • Smart Winter Mode
    • Temp. accuracy within 1F
    • Filter cycle overtemp protection
    • Does not use connector/connects direct to the circuit board

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